As a social worker, I offer Therapeutic Life Story work (TLSW), a creative method grounded on attachment theory and trauma-informed practice for children and young people with complex trauma. TLSW is also suitable for adults who have not had the opportunity to explore a coherent narrative of their life.

TLSW enables an individual to reflect on their past and understand the past is not in The Story of my Lifecontrol of who they are now.

As Bruce Perry writes: ‘When familiar and welcoming human interactions are present, we feel pleasure and safety: we are regulated, we belong. When we are disconnected, when we are distressed marginalized, we literally feel pain’.

TLSW can enable young people and adults to receive a compassionate, respectful and true account of their past and offer them the opportunity to take charge of their future.

TLSW can also be adapted for use with older adults, including those with onset dementia, as an alternative to reminiscence therapy. [NDIS]

For more information please see the About TLSW page.