‘We do not become creative by thinking about it’

Creativity is core to  Therapeutic Life Story Work. As a practising artist [writing and sculpture] I have some intuitive understanding of the creative process. I also know that many deny their creative impulse, are shy to explore those feelings, refuse to re-awaken the child-like need to explore, deny that part of what makes them whole. While I do not subscribe to any one psychotherapy or practice, I have a long-standing respect for the work of Carl Rogers, and through him his daughter Natalie.

It is Natalie’s words I offer here:

‘Part of the psychotherapeutic process is to awaken the creative life-force energy. Thus, creativity and therapy overlap. What is creative is frequently therapeutic. What is therapeutic is frequently a creative process.

‘When using the arts for self-healing or therapeutic purposes, we are not concerned about the beauty of the visual art, the grammar and style of the writing, or the harmonic flow of the song. We use the arts to let go, to express, and to release.

‘Simply put, we cannot integrate all aspects of self without involving all aspects of self. We do not become creative by thinking about  it. We reawaken our creativity by engaging in the process of creativity. ‘

Source: Tony Merry (1997) Counselling and creativity: An interview with Natalie Rogers, British Journal of Guidance & Counselling, 25:2, 263-273


Author: john pitt


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