Amazing Rocket Ship: Come on a Creative Journey

A year or so ago I devised this scenario to use as a group exercise. It is based on my fascination and delight in space rockets and the Universe in general, fertile ground for imaginative play. I have not yet had cause to use it in practice, but I share it here freely.

Spanish Lady Rocket Ship
Amazing Rocket Ship

Here’s the scenario:

‘With simple materials and techniques this creative and therapeutic workshop takes us on a journey of exploration. Amazing Rocket Ship is the vehicle: it is up to you to imaginatively create how you will travel.

You’ve been on Planet Far-away and now need to journey back to Planet Earth.

First, design your own Amazing Rocket Ship

Fortunately, Planet Far-away has all the materials you need: plenty of paper, drawing materials and other stuff.

Now, build Amazing Rocket Ship – and Planet Far-away has plenty of resources. It’s up to you to decide what your Amazing Rocket Ship will look like. There are no plans … just your imagination.

Then, it’s time to fly back to Planet Earth.

Friends and family back home will want to know what Planet Far-away was like, what you saw and did there.

You can draw some of your experiences, or write about them, or do whatever makes you share your experiences. Remember – no plans – it’s up to you. Maybe you want to sing and dance … that’s OK too. Or, if you like, sit in silence. Silence is good.

Think about: What did Planet Far-away feel like? What did you see on the Planet? Who did you meet?

And what’s it like coming Home?’

The workshop begins with doodling or free-expression using pencils, crayons, charcoal, in fact anything that leaves a mark on paper.  Then on to making in whatever way each person chooses.

‘It is from this spontaneous toying with life that there arises the hunch, the creative seeing of life in a new and significant way.’ Carl Rogers

Author: john pitt


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