Story Cubes: great way to start a story

I was browsing in a local toyshop today [an independent shop not one of the chains], and chanced across Rory’s Story Cubes. I was hooked immediately. A cute little box, IMG_4732beautifully crafted, with a magnetic catch flip lid on the narrow edge. It just enticed one to look inside.

And inside? Nine dice-like cubes, each side with a different illustration. Then the blurb: ‘Rory’s Story Cubes is a pocket-sized IMG_4733creative story generator….’ Wow!

The ‘dice’ are lovely to handle, with a generous weight, while the illustrations are bold and deeply incised into the bright white plastic.

How to use? Simple. Juggle the dice, roll them on a flat surfaceIMG_4735 and start to make up a story from the illustrations. What a great way to engage children and carers. I can’t wait to give these cubes a try.

[Check out the website for more information:]

Once upon a time there was a bolt of lightening that hit a skyscraper where I was sleeping…..[now continue]

Author: john pitt


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