Ducks and empathy

Three years ago almost to the day, I attended a workshop in Brisbane run by Cathy Malchiodi the US psychologist and creative therapist. It was a wonderful day [far too short of course] and cemented my belief in the transformative power of creativity to bring about change. Three cute ducks

One of the hand-on activities we did that day was to make a ‘safe place’ for a duck, a plastic one, using some simple art materials, including a paper plate, feathers and glue.  The reasoning behind this activity was to demonstrate how we can nurture and care for another person, or, in this case, animal. Empathy is another fancy word to describe this.

So last Friday, I went to my favourite store [you know the one] to find that ducks were being sold off on special.

I expect this is a nationwide sale, so head down to the Baby Department as soon as you can: the large one [about 30cm long] was $4, while the smaller pair a dollar each.

Two cute ducks

Author: john pitt


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