Music and therapy

I had a wonderful experience yesterday at a workshop run by Lisa Gardiner of Sal Consulting, organised through the YWCA [to whom much thanks].

I was only able to attend the Friday workshop, with the Thursday session being based around art materials, drawing and clay modelling. But I was thrilled to learn about the value of music and drama in work with traumatised children, an area I have not previously given a lot of attention since my own practice is very much based around the former.

Here are some notes from the day, in no particular order:

  • Singing can stimulate up to 16 parts of the brain: talking stimulates four. [Not sourced.] There are numerous studies and images taken using fMRI – see here for example – and it is clear there is much research still to be done.
  • Listening to and playing music can enhance memory. [For more see this link to the Portland Chamber Orchestra.]
  • Rather than trying to calm an aroused child, seek to co-regulate them, through beats and rhythm.
  • Experience the child’s ‘up’ and then pilot them down.

I won’t forget the Peanut Butter Song: go here to a link

Also check out KidXpress website here


Author: john pitt


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