We have reached the end of research. Question Mark.

The human mind will continue to explore, and there will be plenty of outlets to enable research: universities and research institutions within multi-nationals [think Google and Apple, IBM and then Governments]. There is a deluge of research, perhaps we are drowning in it. So would agree Gabor Mate, whom I first saw speak at the Trauma Conference a week or so ago.

Gabor Mate

This was the first time I’d heard Gabor, and I was entranced by his authenticity. He did not speak from notes or use PowerPoint. He simply spoke. By itself that was refreshing.

Once home I checked out some of his YouTube presentations and came across the one I link to below. In this he states: ‘We don’t need a stitch more research’ and argues that ‘intellectuals’ are in a form of denial. The world, says Gabor, is really very simple: ‘we make it complicated because of our denial’.

I went back to check the notes I had made at the conference. I found the phrase Gut Feelings underlined. I paraphrased his words as: ‘How often do you ignore gut feelings and have felt that was wrong and …should have gone with them?’ [I add: lots of times.]

He also spoke about the mind-body separation in Western culture, and how the Western bio-medical model does not seek a ‘unified approach’.

‘The Western mind tears everything apart and does not respect the unity of life,’ I have written, quoting him. ‘It only sees fragments.’

Check him out here



Author: john pitt


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