Another Story Cube resource

I don’t usually go shopping: not outside of bookstores and toyshops. But Christmas is that time of year when it is virtually impossible to resist a visit to the ‘Centre’, that megafactory of brash and undisguised consumerism. Hate it all you like but it’s a magnet that draws even the most resistant of the species. However, gems can be discovered among the trinkets. Such as a new addition [for me at least] of the Story Cube set I first wrote about here in June [follow this link].

Story cubes
Rory’s Story Cubes: the fantasia edition

In this version the cubes ‘conjure up fantastic fairytales…tales of magical feats, mythical beasts and medieval feasts’. Perfect for younger [and not so young] children.

NB: This was a Christmas gift to Self.

Author: john pitt

Social worker/creative

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