Wishing all readers a restful holiday

2018 has seen Therapeutic Life Story Work gain momentum here in Australia. This is due to the enthusiasm of those who’ve graduated from the Diploma course run by Richard Rose and facilitated by Berry Street. 2019 will see TLSW gain further momentum as more and more trained practitioners offer services and the wider community understands… Read More

Being in Care: Lemn Sissay

Do listen to this podcast on the Big Ideas network [ABC Australia]: https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/bigideas/lemn-sissay-on-the-abuse-he-suffered-in-state-care/10425148 If you haven’t heard of Lemn Sissay check out his blog: http://blog.lemnsissay.com/#sthash.9cSHsV4T.dpbs  

First Kid on the Moon: an extract

For National Child Protection Week: What follows is an extract from an unpublished fictional work written from the perspective of a young boy in the care system. The novel is titled First Kid on the Moon, and is in three voices: that of the teenager Zayde; his mum; and the social worker assigned to do casework.… Read More

‘How I survived a broken care system’

In this, National Child Protection Week [Australia], do follow this link to an article written by Aedan Brittain, who was himself a child in the care system. It is a moving commentary on a system that so frequently fails those children it is there to protect. https://www.sbs.com.au/topics/life/relationships/article/2018/09/04/how-i-survived-broken-care-system Aedan is now, among other things, an advocate for… Read More