Another Story Cube resource

I don’t usually go shopping: not outside of bookstores and toyshops. But Christmas is that time of year when it is virtually impossible to resist a visit to the ‘Centre’, that megafactory of brash and undisguised consumerism. Hate it all you like but it’s a magnet that draws even the most resistant of the species.… Read More

The Song Keepers: This Sunday on SBS

If you weren’t able to catch this remarkable documentary The Song Keepers at the cinema, then there’s another opportunity to view it on Sunday [15 July] on SBS at 8.30pm – also OnDemand if you miss it. The film is screening as part of NAIDOC week.  SBS describes the doco as telling ‘…the uplifting story… Read More

Music and therapy

I had a wonderful experience yesterday at a workshop run by Lisa Gardiner of Sal Consulting, organised through the YWCA [to whom much thanks]. I was only able to attend the Friday workshop, with the Thursday session being based around art materials, drawing and clay modelling. But I was thrilled to learn about the value… Read More