Short TLSW

When time is constrained, alternative Life Story programs may be considered, though these would not be considered ‘therapeutic’.

1: File review and development of life story book

Here the focus is on reviewing the available information about an individual held on file and developing a book that will provide a narrative about their history. This process can be invaluable for the care team: ‘By taking time to understand where the child has come from and what part people have played in her life, the worker can begin to plan the intervention and share appropriate information with those who have care of her’ (Richard Rose).

2: More About Me

This is generally of a shorter duration and intensity than the full TLSW (typically lasting about six, one hour sessions).

The work is guided by specific issues identified by the care team for the child/young person or where a child has specific questions about their history.

A referral for More About Me work is useful for children/young people who are close to leaving care, or where there are concerns that it would be difficult for a child to engage in a longer duration of sessions with a Life Story therapist/social worker. More About Me can also be used in restoration planning.

The child has the opportunity to ask questions and the work can help them understand specific issues of their history.