That Trauma Conference: a postscript

So the Club has moved on. Yes, a conference is like a club, attended by the devout, come to witness the main attraction, star names who know one another so well since they are members of yet another, more exclusive club: Men of Science who circulate the globe almost endlessly as their reputations attract ever… Read More

Child Trauma Conference Day Four: an Ending

Nothing really ends. Although this was the final day of the conference [so soon, so quickly, I thought as I entered the building. Wasn’t it Tuesday only a day or so ago? Where has the time gone?] it is really just another segment in our lives as we navigate a path. At this point I… Read More

Childhood Trauma Conference Day One

What a day! Fonagy, Milroy, Schore, Goldstein/Ogden and Kestly. Where else would one have the opportunity to hear such speakers present on the latest research and trends? And 2600 attendees! Here is a snapshot, in no particular order, of what I took from day one: Just 1 per cent of 18 year olds who leave… Read More