Beacon House: a wonderful resource

I have come across, stumbled across the excellent resources [free] offered by Beacon House, a UK-based therapeutic agency. Do visit this link as there are some great graphics and many other aides that will assist in showing carers the impacts of trauma on the children in their care.  

That Trauma Conference: a postscript

So the Club has moved on. Yes, a conference is like a club, attended by the devout, come to witness the main attraction, star names who know one another so well since they are members of yet another, more exclusive club: Men of Science who circulate the globe almost endlessly as their reputations attract ever… Read More

Child Trauma Conference Day Four: an Ending

Nothing really ends. Although this was the final day of the conference [so soon, so quickly, I thought as I entered the building. Wasn’t it Tuesday only a day or so ago? Where has the time gone?] it is really just another segment in our lives as we navigate a path. At this point I… Read More

Childhood Trauma Conference Day Three

There are many paths we travel: real paths and those that have a story. In fact, both are connected. Actually, everything is connected; and this is a theme I detected today and is one which has emerged over the last couple of days. So, if we accept that all behaviour is communication, that we need… Read More

Childhood Trauma Conference Day Two

It’s People’s Day, with dozens and dozens of presentations around the conference venue by practitioners and academics. There’s so much going on that  some tough choices have to be made. However, there was one that was a must: Think. Feel. Do. Using Sensory Bears in Therapeutic Life Story Work, presented by Amy Payne, Karen Vance and Natalia… Read More