Another Story Cube resource

I don’t usually go shopping: not outside of bookstores and toyshops. But Christmas is that time of year when it is virtually impossible to resist a visit to the ‘Centre’, that megafactory of brash and undisguised consumerism. Hate it all you like but it’s a magnet that draws even the most resistant of the species.… Read More

On Storyboarding: an add-on to TLSW

Storyboarding is used mainly by creatives in cinema, TV, advertising and so on, as a visual way to represent a storyline. Similarly, it can be used by social workers and other professionals working in mental health, addictions, child protection and child abuse. So write Hiles, Essex, Fox and Luger in a paper titled: The ‘words and… Read More

We have reached the end of research. Question Mark.

The human mind will continue to explore, and there will be plenty of outlets to enable research: universities and research institutions within multi-nationals [think Google and Apple, IBM and then Governments]. There is a deluge of research, perhaps we are drowning in it. So would agree Gabor Mate, whom I first saw speak at the… Read More

The Song Keepers: This Sunday on SBS

If you weren’t able to catch this remarkable documentary The Song Keepers at the cinema, then there’s another opportunity to view it on Sunday [15 July] on SBS at 8.30pm – also OnDemand if you miss it. The film is screening as part of NAIDOC week.  SBS describes the doco as telling ‘…the uplifting story… Read More

People think I’m a miserable sod

Yes they do Mr Cave. ‘People think I’m a miserable sod but it’s only because I get asked such bloody miserable questions.’ And as social workers we do [yes, we do] ask those ‘miserable questions’. Sometimes we ask too many. That’s why it’s so important to do the research [the ‘information bank’]. Resist asking. Listen.… Read More