Beacon House: a wonderful resource

I have come across, stumbled across the excellent resources [free] offered by Beacon House, a UK-based therapeutic agency. Do visit this link as there are some great graphics and many other aides that will assist in showing carers the impacts of trauma on the children in their care.  

Another Story Cube resource

I don’t usually go shopping: not outside of bookstores and toyshops. But Christmas is that time of year when it is virtually impossible to resist a visit to the ‘Centre’, that megafactory of brash and undisguised consumerism. Hate it all you like but it’s a magnet that draws even the most resistant of the species.… Read More

Wishing all readers a restful holiday

2018 has seen Therapeutic Life Story Work gain momentum here in Australia. This is due to the enthusiasm of those who’ve graduated from the Diploma course run by Richard Rose and facilitated by Berry Street. 2019 will see TLSW gain further momentum as more and more trained practitioners offer services and the wider community understands… Read More

Childhood Trauma Conference Day Two

It’s People’s Day, with dozens and dozens of presentations around the conference venue by practitioners and academics. There’s so much going on that  some tough choices have to be made. However, there was one that was a must: Think. Feel. Do. Using Sensory Bears in Therapeutic Life Story Work, presented by Amy Payne, Karen Vance and Natalia… Read More

Collecting toys and games for Therapeutic Life Story Work

Every practitioner will be building up their own resources for use with children and their carers. Play informs this work, so it’s necessary to have a range of items available, suitable for different ages. Not that one need be ageist about this: there is, after all, a child within each of us… One of my… Read More